Industrial Scales in Great Falls, MT

Truck scales are a vital part of numerous operations around the country and demand superior accuracy at all times, no matter the industry. Rockwell Scales is here to provide you with the truck scales for sale in Montana you’re looking for when it comes to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your operations.

Our industrial scales come in two varieties: the Hulk Series and the Crusher Series. These truck scales in Great Falls and Cascade County, MT are lauded for their resilience, durability and accuracy when measuring heavy loads consistently.

The Hulk Series

Industrial Scales
This series of legal-for-trade scales feature a 270,000lb capacity and reinforced 3/8” steel decking, making it the heaviest decked scale in the industry. It utilizes highly-accurate load cells to maintain accuracy across millions of weightings. It’s a true leader among industrial scales in Montana.

The Crusher Series

Industrial Scales
These cement-decked scales are widely revered for their ability to perform consistently and accurately over time, no matter the application or environment. We handle the full truck scale installation in Montana by pouring and assembling on-site, in as little as 4 days. The finished product features a 5” reinforced concrete deck that offers a 100-ton capacity. It’s NTEP-approved and fully electronic.

Scale varieties

Within our Hulk and Crusher Series industrial scales, we offer the capabilities to outfit your operation with the optimal weighing solution for your needs. This can include customizing the build to meet your unique weighing needs, including:

Industrial Scales

Axle scales

Truck Scales

Lo-pro scales

Truck Scales

Portable truck scales

Truck Scales

Railroad scales

Our capacity for customization and tailored solutions expands to all facets of your installation, and can include the following optional features:

  • Installation and start up assistance
  • Printers and remote displays
  • Multi-platform configurations
  • Traffic lights and controls for scales
  • Custom colors
  • Pit mounting
  • Higher or lower clearance
  • Lighter capacities
  • Safety rails
  • Dump through
  • Scale modification to fit existing pits
  • Portable kits

For more information about our industrial scales and truck scales or to consult with us regarding your unique needs for truck scale calibrating or related services, we invite you to contact us today at 406-799-3945.