Mining Scales in Great Falls, MT

Mining operations rely on the accuracy and consistency of their scales in Montana. Rockwell Scales is proud to provide all of our customers within this niche industry the scale products and services they need to rely on their weight and measurement systems.

Goliath Series scales

mining truckFor mining operations seeking the very best mining scales for sale in Montana, we consistently recommend the Goliath Series. These 800-ton capacity scales are massive and incredibly durable, able to stand up to the intense demands of mining environments and all of the heavy equipment associated with them.

Goliath Series scales are able to be designed in a multi-platform arrangement, to weigh individual wheels, or in a side-by-side setup to handle multiple uses for large equipment and semi-trucks. Some of the exceptional features standard on these scales include:

  • Custom built
  • Installation and start up assistance
  • Printers and remote displays
  • Multi-platform configurations
  • Traffic lights and controls for scales
  • Custom colors
  • Portable kits
  • Pit mounting
  • Higher or lower clearance
  • Lighter capacities
  • Safety rails
  • Dump through
  • Scale modification for existing pits
  • Weigh In Motion Option

Trusted products and service

We’re your premier resource for the purchase of Goliath Series mining scales and can assist you throughout the process of heavy-duty scale installation in Great Falls and Cascade County, MT. In addition, we’re also your partner for long-term maintenance, ensuring these scales are always functioning in their best condition, to streamline your mining operation to the fullest.

All of the Goliath scales we sell come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on electronics, as well as a 5-year general warranty on the structure and components.
For more information about Goliath Series mining scales for sale or to inquire about how we can assist you in getting the right scale for your operation, please contact us today by calling 406-799-3945.