Heavy-Duty Scale Repair in Great Falls, MT

To keep your scales functioning to their highest levels of accuracy and to ensure their function over the long-term, routine maintenance and repairs are paramount. Rockwell Scales is ready to assist you in servicing your scales to the fullest, through a wide range of critical capabilities:

In addition to the above general scale services and truck scale installation, we’re also able to provide you with the full gamut of specialty services, which may include the following depending on your scale:

  • Load cell replacements
  • Deck replacement
  • Electronic repairs
  • Weigh beam replacements
  • Indicator replacements
  • Mechanical repairs (older scales)
  • Mechanical to electronic conversion

There’s virtually nothing we can’t do for your scales in Great Falls and Cascade County, MT. From heavy-duty scale installation to heavy-duty scale repair in Montana, our experts are highly-trained and ready to assist you. If you’re concerned that your unit or system may not be operating to the fullest or there are discrepancies within its yields, contact us today to schedule an inspection and service.

Service contracts

For customers with systems that require routine maintenance, we offer affordable service contracts that include mechanical and electronic conversions. Our aim is to assist you in keeping your weight and measurements consistent and accurate, without costing you a small fortune!

For more information about our capabilities or to schedule a service appointment for your industrial scales or mining scales today, please contact us at 406-799-3945.