Truck Scale Repairs and Services You May Require

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If you use truck scales for agriculture, mining or other industry, you rely on their accuracy and reliability. To assure service that supports your business goals, you may require a variety of truck scale maintenance services or truck scale repair in Montana. These are the services scales need to ensure you can count on them!

  • Calibration: This is likely the most frequently performed service for scales. If you purchase a new scale, it is calibrated upon delivery so we can be sure it services you in needed applications. Once finished, we provide compliance certifications so you can show your scale meets all legal and local requirements. If a heavy object gets dropped on a scale, it usually needs to be recalibrated, especially if that incident causes damage to the deck. Calibration is also part of monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance appointments.
  • New mounting assemblies: There may be mounting assemblies or other supportive infrastructure for your scale that break or wear out from high use. Sometimes, the scale is just fine, but these shortcomings throw off calibration. We can fix them, too, and once finished, check the scales for calibration and accuracy.
  • Scale testing: If you suspect the calibration is off or something happened to your scale that makes you think it needs to be adjusted again, we can test it for you. The tests reveal if your suspicion is warranted. Even truck scales can be tested, thanks to the availability of technology. You will be able to rest assured that your scale is up to the job and producing accurate values. The last thing you need is to have a truck full of livestock or sensitive cargo held up at a weigh station because your current scale did not register the weight properly.
  • Relocation: If you decide to move to a larger shop or keep livestock at another farm, you may have to move the scale with you. This is often an involved task not handled well by amateurs. Scales are involved pieces of equipment on their own, and it becomes even more complicated if you include decks and mounting assemblies. Since we deliver and assemble scales, we can also help you move them. Doing this yourself risks damage to the scale, so consider asking for help with this vital component of maintenance that also makes moving a little bit easier.
  • New scales: Scales become outdated like any other piece of equipment, and they wear out eventually—especially if they are used heavily every day. We offer specialized scales for agricultural, mining and industrial purposes. This includes scales for light to heavy trucks, too. Every scale designed and built at our site is the result of over 35 years of expertise in this field. If it is time to replace your scale, you can never go wrong with what we have to offer.

Rockwell Scales offers truck scale repair in Montana, and much more. We offer experience with several types of industrial and agricultural scales and sell accessories that make managing your scales easier. Contact us today to learn more!

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