Five Preventative Maintenance Tips for Truck Scales in Montana

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There are many good reasons why you want to make sure your trucks are getting weighed on a properly working truck scale. At the top of the list is to get an accurate truckload weigh-in, and it’s not only for safety. You also want to avoid the fines associated with driving on the roads with an overloaded truck, as well as know you are delivering the right amount of product to a client or destination. Between services like regular scale calibration and component inspections, you can rest easier knowing your weighing equipment is performing at its very best.

Here are five preventative maintenance tips to keep your truck scales in Montana in good condition:

  • Inspect scales everyday: Some truck scales are used more frequently than others, so how often you should inspect your scales depends on the amount of use—but it doesn’t hurt to inspect them everyday, regardless. Start the inspection off with a check of the entire platform surface area and the spaces in between the ground and the bottom of the scale. Remove debris—like leaves, sticks, rocks, garbage and plastic bags—while checking for damage.
  • Clean scales regularly: Most truck scales are out in the open, mounted on concrete foundations or pit-mounted, so, not surprisingly, you will need to clean them on a regular basis. First, clear away debris buildup, because foreign object obstructions will contribute to the improper function of the scale. Check for and remove water pooling on and around pit-mounted scales.
  • Balance and calibrate scales: The most important job truck scales in Montana have is to provide the most accurate reading possible. But a heavy truck is not the easiest thing to drive up onto a scale, which means your scales are likely to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Even the smallest piece of debris in the scale can throw off the numbers; therefore, you must balance the scale after cleanings or debris removal. Also, have a professional check the calibration—most scales can benefit from weekly calibration checks.
  • Check the foundation often: The surface that your scales sit on also takes a beating, so it too needs to be checked often. Concrete foundations and platform frames are solid and heavy duty, yet they are not immune to damages, like chipped edges and cracking. Make sure to identify structural issues in the foundation to avoid costly replacements and issues with scale readings.
  • Schedule professional inspections: Since you own the scale, it makes sense that you perform daily inspections and basic maintenance. However, every now and again you will want to hire a professional to thoroughly inspect and clean your truck scales, as well as make any needed repairs.

No matter the industry you are in, it’s important that you maintain your truck scales in Montana. Doing so can ensure they last a long time, won’t break down when they are needed the most and require fewer calls to the repair shop to take care of problems. For truck scale installations, builds or repairs, don’t hesitate to call the trusted professionals at Rockwell Scales. Contact us today!

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