Five Common Questions to Ask When Purchasing Industrial Scales, Truck Scales and Livestock Scales in Montana

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Acquiring a scale can elevate the productivity and ultimately the bottom line for many different types of businesses in a wide variety of industries. Navigating this purchase may not be easy, but with the guide below, you can buy your industrial scales, livestock scales or truck scales in Montana with confidence.

Will I need to calibrate the scale upon arrival?

Most scales are shipped already calibrated, so once it arrives at your facility you will be able to take it out of the packaging and put it to use right away. There are instances, however, where you will need to recalibrate the scale after its arrival in order to receive certification from the local Weights and Measures division.

What is the difference between readability and accuracy on an industrial scale?

Readability refers to the incremental units that your particular scale displays when weight is added or removed. The readability will let you know the maximum weight capacity of the scale, as well as the unit of measure used. Some of the more common units of measure include pounds, grams and ounces. If your scale has readability specifications of 2,000 x 1g, that means that the scale will read in increments of 1 gram all the way up to the maximum weight of 2,000 grams. Accuracy, on the other hand, refers to how precise the measurements will be once the scale is on site and in use. To be sure of how accurate your scale is, you can test the known weight of something to see if the scale’s reading matches it.

What is a National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certification?

NTEP certification is a way to hold companies from all over the country to one uniform standard when it comes to weighing products. This certification promotes trust and fair dealings among various businesses, because their scales are all held to the same standards set by the program.

Which states require this NTEP certification?

All but four states require NTEP certification for scales that are to be used for purchasing, selling or any other relevant business transaction. Currently, Montana is among the 46 states that require NTEP certification.

Which scale is best for weighing pallets?

If your business uses pallets frequently and you need to be able to find the weights of these pallets quickly and efficiently, a floor scale would be best for your operation. These floor scales come in many sizes, but at the very least you will need a platform that is 4’ x 4’. If you routinely use pallets that are larger than this standard size, you will want to look into a floor scale that has a large enough platform to fit the needs of your business specifically.

Whether you need truck scales, livestock scales or industrial scales in Montana, we will take care of you here at Rockwell Scales. We have been building and installing scale systems since 1980, and our knowledgeable team is eager to provide you with solutions that can help increase your company’s productivity. Contact us today so that we can help take your business to the next level!

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