Make Truck Weighing Operations Easier with Truck Scale Accessories in Montana

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There are many different applications for truck scales and equipment systems, each with their own capability requirements. To make your truck weighing system easier and more efficient, we have a multitude of different truck scale accessories available for whatever you need. From rub rails to stoplights to ticketing systems, Rockwell Scales is your leading provider of truck scale accessories in Montana.

No matter what kind of scale operation you’re running, scale accessories can help your weighing system operate at peak efficiency and ensure accurate readings. Here are some of the most popular truck scale accessories we offer:

  • Indicators and displays: We offer a variety of large numeric displays that can help indicate load weights to drivers, loading operators and scale operation workers on-site. These displays can be connected to the scale via wires or be wireless, and can be customized to utilize multiple displays if necessary. Some of our top displays feature keyboards and status indicators to make your weighing operation even easier.
  • Stoplights and traffic controls: Stoplights and other traffic control accessories like gates help keep drivers and workers safe near the weighing operation and provide drivers with directions onto and off of the scale. Stoplights and gates can be automated through the use of sensors in the scale, or can be operated manually.
  • Rub rails: Rub rails are 8-inch rails that can be added to the sides of truck scales for added safety. We can customize these rails to your desired height and length to fit any scale. Rub rails are good accessories to add to raised scales with concrete decks.
  • Automated ticketing kiosks: Adding an automated ticket kiosk is a great choice if your scale operation will not be manned by an operator at all hours or will never be operated manually. These kiosks allow drivers to process weighing transactions themselves quickly and easily. Automated ticketing kiosks can include printers, which removes the need to hand-write tickets.
  • Solar panels: Adding solar panels to your weighing operations is a great investment, as the generated electricity from the sun can help cut down on electricity costs and also help the environment by decreasing a dependency on fossil fuels. Since most truck scales are in open areas, like near highways, utilizing the sun is a smart choice.

If you’re interested in truck scale accessories in Montana, speak with your scale provider to determine which accessories will work best for your operation and how they can best be integrated with your existing or new scales. If you’re purchasing a new scale, ask about accessories as early as possible. Rockwell Scales offers many more accessories than those listed here, so give us a call to explore the multitude of options we have available.

Rockwell Scales has been a leading provider of scale products and services, including truck scale accessories in Montana, for over 35 years. We offer American-made custom scale builds, installation, repair and maintenance for virtually any industry that needs weighing operation equipment. Call us today for a free quote and pricing!

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