Common United States Truck Routes

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In the United States, the average product has to travel quite a distance from its creation until it is finally purchased and brought into your home. This means that trucking is integral to the health of commerce in the country. When you consider that truckers haul well over 10 million tons of goods more than 150,000 miles every year, you could be forgiven for thinking that trucking was, in fact, the backbone of the United States economy.

Maybe a better metaphor is to say that truckers are the lifeblood of the economy. And if they are the lifeblood, then our trucking routes are the arteries. You can imagine them connecting cities as far away from each other as Miami and Los Angeles, keeping the economy of our country alive.

In this post, we will discuss a few of the most well traveled truck routes in the country. These Trucking routes carry a lot of the products sold in this country each year, and their importance to the daily life of every person cannot be overstated.

Miami to New York City

Over 1,200 miles, traipsing up most of the East Coast, Miami to New York is a commonly traveled and very important truck route. Cell phones, children’s clothing and fruit and produce are all commonly transported from Miami. New York, as a world hub, has a variety of exports, including foodstuffs, gold, diamonds and automobile parts.

Seattle to Washington, D.C.

This is an almost 3,000-mile trip. This is the challenge of doing business in the United States. The country is enormous, and almost every business has to be national in scale, meaning they have to service places as far away as Washington State and Washington, D.C. However, truckers tend to like longer roots, as there is more freedom and less stop-and-go. For this reason, routes like Seattle to D.C. are actually appreciated. Seattle exports computer chips, computer software, seafood, gasoline, motor vehicles and soybeans. Washington, D.C. imports far more than it exports, but it does export medical equipment, aircraft parts and apples.

Chicago to San Francisco

This is a 2,100-mile trip, from America’s Second City to the tech hub of the entire world. Chicago may not have quite the same cachet that it used to have as one of the world’s most important cities, but it is still an enormous, bustling economy, exporting petroleum and electronic products, and importing a lot of food. San Francisco exports vehicles, military equipment, petroleum products and rice, and imports a lot of medical and technical equipment and food.

New Orleans to Denver

At 1,300 miles, this route connects the Deep South to Denver. New Orleans primarily exports gasoline, soybeans, corn and computer chips. Denver exports machinery products, computer equipment, processed food and chemicals, as well as a fair amount of beer. As you can see, all in all, these routes represent a good microcosm of the US economy as a whole.

All told, these very popular routes cover thousands and thousands of America’s most lovely and populated miles, connecting hundreds of millions of people to the products that they count on every day. For truckers, these roads are their homes away from home.

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