Truck and Industrial Scales in North Dakota Offer the Right Solution for Measuring Oil Tankers and Transport Trucks

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Everyday, the American trucking industry ships products across the country. These products originate at a factory, a mine or a warehouse and play a vital role in the economy. These trucks face a number of checks and balances along the way. In many states served by our nation’s highway system, trucks are routinely weighed and taxed to pay for the stresses they put on roadway surfaces. Similarly, the companies these products come from—such as oil companies—must also weigh the trucks to get a sense of how much of their product is out in the world at any given time.

At Rockwell Scales, we’ve recently begun serving clients in North Dakota, particularly within the state’s booming oil sector. It’s not surprising that the oil industry currently has a heavy presence in North Dakota. Luckily, Rockwell Scales’ truck scales are great solutions for measuring oil tanker and transport trucks, and the waste generated from oil drilling and coal mining.

Why are truck and industrial scales in Williston, ND so important in the oil industry? Trucking and large equipment scales play an integral part in this process. They are the tools that ensure accurate processing of inventory, and the way we figure out how much tax we will pay once we hit the road. They allow a better picture of our level of liability when trucking dangerous chemicals and even, in some cases, impact how workers are paid. So, it goes without saying that these devices need to work each time, every time.

Maintenance is key

As with any mechanical device, maintenance can mean the difference between an accurate reading and doing business with the wrong figures backing you up. Scales, especially those subject to constant use and heavy weight, may need calibration to work correctly. At the very least, your scales should be serviced annually to ensure you aren’t getting bad readings. The experts at Rockwell Scales are perfectly equipped to give you an accurate and fair evaluation of your scales and the best course of action to follow for the best results.

Knowing when it’s time to replace old scales

Whether you are looking to expand your overall operation to include new scales or you need to replace old and outdated ones, our specialists can help you map the best course of action. A new facility will have greater weighing accuracy and improved operations. Expanding your weighing facilities by even a single scale may allow you to handle twice as many trucks in the same amount of time.

Companies that should be using their own scales

Many companies could and should be using their own scales, but all too often they avoid it, thinking that the costs outweigh the benefits. Mining and trucking operations are the primary users of scales, but they also hold great value for agricultural and general shipping operations. They allow better insights into their inventory and the fees they or their drivers will have to pay along the routes they travel.

Are you an oil company searching for industrial scales in Dickinson, ND? Rockwell Scales offers truck and industrial weigh scales for sale, installation services and general maintenance in North Dakota. Contact us today!

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