Why Should Farmers Use Livestock Scales in Montana?

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When you think about scales, you might think of them serving a few different purposes: for everyday use at home, in a warehouse or similar setting or for weighing large trucks. You might not have realized that scales can also be used in an agricultural setting.

Learn more about how livestock scales in Montana can help increase the performance and success of your agricultural business:

  • They help you to maintain accuracy: Numerous agricultural tasks involve weighing, whether you’re managing your product capacity for items such as sugar cane, spices, tea, wheat, rice and more or making sure you’re offering the right amount of feed to your livestock. A reliable, high-quality agricultural scale is essential for maintaining precision in the critical daily activities required of your business.
  • They help you to manage your cattle: Experts commonly suggest that farmers weigh their cattle at least three times per year to correspond with turn out, mid-season and housing. By weighing the calves as they grow older, farmers can accurately determine if they are gaining weight as they should and if the targeted slaughter date is still viable. Also, when farmers weigh cattle at regular intervals, they will be able to develop an organized system and processes that will inform the best timing for acquiring more animals.
  • They help you to implement a feeding schedule: As farmers continue to weigh calves throughout the year, they can make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the animals are maintaining an appropriate weight before slaughter. For example, if a farmer knows that an animal is healthy and at the correct weight as a designated slaughter date approaches, they may begin a specific type of feeding regimen, gradually providing less food as time goes on. Along similar lines, farmers can feed animals that do not appear to be ready for slaughter soon the types and quantities of foods that will be most appropriate for their nutritional and weight gain needs.
  • They help you to make effective business decisions: Regularly scheduled weighing allows farmers to decide which calves are the best choices to prepare for the slaughtering date, based on which animals have the heaviest weights. Being able to make these determinations based on precise and accurate data allows for increased business performance and a more efficient way to evaluate and manage livestock.

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