Why Your Recycling Is Weighed: Information About Heavy Duty Scales in Montana

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Ever wonder why your recycling gets weighed when it’s picked up? The simplest answer is that the recycling industry revolves, in very large part, around weight. Companies that buy or sell recycled materials at large scales do so based on the weight of the items collected.

Therefore, it is important to have scale equipment that is capable of providing you with information that is not just reliable, but repeatable so you can improve the accuracy of your billing and your overall bottom line with regard to your recycling applications. This can help you optimize your profits, develop more accurate values for materials purchased or deposited, or simply add additional security so you don’t have to worry about any of your recyclable items going missing.

Selecting the type of scale system

There are many different available systems of heavy duty scales in Montana, so this can make it challenging for some people to determine exactly what their needs are and which types of scale may be best suited for their operation. With more of a focus on traceability than ever, it is important to ensure you have the correct equipment for a waste and recycling operation. This means determining exactly which types of material you will be recycling, the average weights of your loads and the overall value of the materials being recycled.

The most common types of scale systems used for recycling purposes are truck scales, rail scales, floor scales, forklift scales and weighbridges. Each one of these different options offers you a viable weighing solution, but they also all differ slightly in load capacity. Some of them are better suited for certain applications than others. For example, if you have smaller loads or loads that tend to be filled with more valuable recyclable materials, you’ll want to get more precise weight measurements, which necessitate the use of a bench scale.

On a general level, waste is increasingly being seen as a valuable resource. Tracking the weight of that waste is crucial to tracking the total amount of waste you are collecting, extracting energy and disposing of the waste. Scales, therefore, are a necessary piece of equipment when processing materials to make new commercial products or when creating energy and developing sustainable initiatives.

To get an understanding of just how big and important this field is in businesses of all types, consider this—the 2018 WasteExpo in Las Vegas will happen this spring, and it is expected to be a massive event, bringing public and private sector businesses and organizations of all sizes together to discuss lessons learned from waste management and recycling, to share ideas about recycling, to gain access to high-tech solutions and to participate in other discussions and events.

This is a major field right now for businesses of all types, and Rockwell Scales is pleased to be a part of it by offering heavy duty scales in Montana for recycling and waste management purposes. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can offer!

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