How the Mining Industry Benefits from Conveyor and Truck Scales in Montana

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Mining companies across the United States rely on various equipment and vehicles during all sorts of resource extraction operations. For example, they need heavy-duty trucks to haul materials to sites, and trucks to carry uncovered resources to their final destination. Another crucial component to a mining company’s profitability is a truck scale that will give accurate readings when weighing loads. Several types of mining truck scales, as well as conveyor scales, are used to complete these jobs.

Here are the types of truck scales and conveyor scales in Montana that are used to maximize efficiency and productivity in the mining industry.

Articulated mining truck scale

If your mining operation is looking to minimize transportation costs while increasing efficiency at the same time, then you will find articulated mining scales beneficial. Articulated truck scales are primarily for articulated trucks—trucks used for hauling and other various mining operations. Their special power is being able to transfer materials and loads in the fewest number of trips, and by integrating scales on these types of mining trucks, at least one step is taken out of the process. Articulated mining truck scales also help mining companies save money on fuel costs.

Haul truck scale

Probably the most popular, functional and efficient mining truck scale is the haul truck scale, which is fantastic for most standard mining operations. It can be used at the same time you are doing your typical mining tasks—such as transporting mining materials and loads (dirt, sand, rocks, etc.). The great thing about haul truck scales is that they are tough, being able to withstand heavy loads. These types of scales also offer in-motion weighing, as they are integrated right on the truck.

Underground mining truck scale

There may be times when the best place and time to weigh your mining cargo is while your crew is still working underground. If this is the case for many of your mining operations, then you can benefit from using underground truck scales. What makes them able to work well underground is the fact that they are designed to work while your trucks are transferring loads from one place to another underground. This type of truck scale is portable, so there’s no need to transfer your mining cargo back above ground for a weigh-in.

Belt conveyor scale systems

You’re probably familiar with conveyor belts used in grocery store checkout lanes and for moving products in factories from one area to another. But did you know there are also belt conveyor scale systems designed for use in the mining industry? This makes sense, since mining companies move a lot of dirt, minerals, sand and rocks in bulk, and it all must be weighed. With a belt system, you can monitor production output, or regulate product load-out and inventory, all while compiling important information for your business. The three major elements making up a belt scale system are the weighing carriage with load cells, belt speed sensor and electronic integrator.

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