Three Ways Poorly Maintained Truck Scales in Salt Lake City, UT Are Costing You Money

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Truck scale maintenance is vitally important to your specific type of operation. Maintenance is the easiest way to keep compliant with regulations, save money on maintenance and repair costs and prevent unplanned downtime. But you might be wondering why you need to clean your truck scale regularly when it’s just going to look perpetually dirty. You want to keep it clean not only because it’s better for business, but because it’s also the best way to prevent problems with the scale and how the scale stays efficient.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways that poorly maintained truck scales in Salt Lake City, UT are costing your business money.

Dirty truck scales retain moisture

Having to replace truck scale hardware is always an expensive need. Keep your scale dry and free of debris and you can avoid problems like rust and corrosion, which will age and weaken your scale.

To prevent rust and corrosion, check your truck scales in Logan, UT daily to ensure your pit drainage system and pumps are functioning properly. A surface mounted truck scale should always have some amount of clearance between the ground and scale structure. Pit mounted truck scales should be inspected every month for pooling water, and twice a year for unseen rust buildup, usually tucked between the moving parts of your scale.

Dirty truck scales have shorter lifespans

The dirtier your truck scale, the more friction it’ll create when you use it. This can cause abrasions and pressure buildup. A clean scale should not have abrasions. Simply spending a few minutes in the mornings cleaning and oiling your scale’s hardware can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars later on. So, unless you are trying to shorten the life of your truck scale’s hardware, enjoy spending money on repairs and don’t mind getting inaccurate weight readings, you should clean and maintain it!

To avoid buildup that can put dangerous pressure on parts of the scale, have the scale washed, dried and oiled regularly. Try to leave time for a test run without a load. This allows you to listen for problems and see issues with components that you might otherwise miss.

Truck scales with buildup give inaccurate readings

To stay in compliance, you have to keep your truck scales clean. When the scale has a buildup of debris, water or both, it will run into issues weighing correctly. Clients will not be happy and you may find yourself in legal trouble. You may also find yourself with expensive maintenance on your hands.

It’s important to follow through on regularly scheduled professional maintenance and calibration for all truck scale parts and equipment. Good times to do this are in the early spring and late fall, which is when the weather produces and leaves behind a lot of rainwater and natural debris.

Whether you are searching for truck scale accessories or truck scale service in Utah or Montana, look no further than Rockwell Scales. We can help with scale repairs, scale calibration and general maintenance for a variety of truck scales!

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