The Colorado Cattle Industry

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The cattle industry is essential to our economy here in America, and much of that industry is based in Colorado. Colorado is home to well over 2 million cattle and produces beef that is distributed to restaurants, grocery stores and families across the country, and even around the world. Producing such a large number of cattle on an annual basis is no easy feat, and requires a lot of attention to logistical concerns. Read on to find out more about the cattle industry in Colorado, and learn about the important role that livestock scales in Colorado play in the process.

Cattle in Colorado

Colorado’s cattle industry accounts for a sizable portion of its economy. Livestock in Colorado is a $3.7 billion industry, and the cattle industry is responsible for 75 percent of livestock revenues. All told, there are about 2.5 million cattle in Colorado on over 11,000 farms. There are also 206 feedlots and 24 slaughterhouses certified by the USDA in the state. In fact, the concept of feed lots originated in Colorado. With so many cattle and farms in the state, it’s no wonder that Colorado is the fourth largest exporter of fresh and frozen beef in the United States.

When it comes time to sell or process cattle, weight becomes an important factor to take into account. The value of cattle can vary depending on its weight, since total weight will determine how much meat cattle can produce. Cattle ranchers may also use the weight of cattle in their herd to help them determine which cattle will be bred. Cattle that is smaller than average might not be used for breeding, since it is more likely to produce smaller offspring. Oftentimes, cattle ranchers will start weighing their cattle at birth so that they can track their weight gain over their lifetime.

Since cattle can weigh upwards of 2,400 pounds, ranchers must use heavy duty scales with a large capacity that will deliver an accurate measure of weight. Livestock scales, which usually consist of large aluminum weighing platforms, load bars and digital indicators, enable cattle ranchers to get the information they need about the weight of their cattle. Even though these scales can be a major investment for a ranch, they play a vital role in the management of a cattle herd and offer accurate measurements and years of dependability.

Find reliable livestock scales in Colorado

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