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When consumers go shopping at the grocery store, they might not be thinking about all of the time, energy and effort that went into delivering the products they are shopping for. The fact that products from across the world can all be found in a single space is an incredible thing, and it wouldn’t be possible without the trucking industry. Trucks bring products from ports and suppliers across the country to distribution centers, grocery stores, shopping malls and other commercial operations. Trucks deliver everything from cars to produce, and many trucking companies are based in Colorado.

Colorado’s trucking industry

Colorado is the eighth largest U.S. state, with an area of 104,094 square miles. There are 184,289 miles of roads in Colorado. Colorado roads run along waterways, climb steep inclines, wind through beautiful scenic places and stretch through cities to connect Colorado to its neighboring states. While driving in Colorado is undoubtedly beautiful, it can also be challenging. Truckers in Colorado must be skilled enough to navigate roadways that pass through often-difficult terrain.

Nearly 100,000 people are employed by the trucking industry in Colorado—put differently, one in 20 jobs in Colorado is in trucking. There are over 12,660 trucking companies in Colorado alone, and these companies supply essential goods to communities across the state and across the country. Since the trucking industry makes up such a huge share of the economy and employment in the state, there are some organizations and associations based entirely around supporting trucking in Colorado. Local, state and federal government agencies also work heavily on legislation and regulations aimed at promoting safe trucking.

Because trucks in Colorado move so much product in and out of the state, it’s essential that trucking companies, shippers and suppliers can accurately track loads. The most effective and efficient way to track trucking loads is by weighing them. Large, heavy duty truck scales in Colorado are used to weigh trucks when they are empty and then again after they’re loaded to get a precise load weight for the truck.

The weight of a truckload is important for a number of reasons. For one thing, load weights are used to calculate the amount that a trucking company must pay in taxes to the state. Because heavier loads put more stress on the roads, trucks with heavier loads tend to be taxed more heavily. Load weights also help trucking companies calculate profitability for different products that are being shipped.

Find high quality truck scales in Colorado

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