The Necessity of Livestock Scales in Great Falls, MT Livestock Auctions

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Livestock auctions are a common occurrence in Great Falls, MT, providing farmers and ranchers the ability to buy and sell livestock for fair prices to raise or slaughter. Livestock auctions are a more cost-effective and efficient way to purchase livestock than purchasing directly from a farm.

To newcomers, these livestock auctions may seem overwhelming and haphazard, but livestock auctions are actually incredibly organized behind the scenes. One of the major reasons the auctions run so efficiently is because of accurate measurement tools.

Weight is the major driver of the sales of many types of livestock including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Without accurate measuring solutions, auctioneers, sellers and buyers would not have a baseline by which to sell the animals. This is why every livestock auction must have top-quality livestock scales in Great Falls, MT.

Why livestock weight matters

The value of livestock can vary depending on its weight, since the total weight factors into how much meat an animal can produce. Additionally, the weight of the livestock can also determine its grade, or quality, and impact buying decisions based on the desired use from the buyers. This means that measurements from livestock scales can make or break a sale on an individual or herd of animals.

Everyday scales are not equipped to handle the weight of livestock and the abuse from routine measurements. To stand up to the requirements of Montana’s frequent livestock auctions, specialty livestock scales are critical.

Modern-day livestock scales like the ones created by Rockwell Scales are also fully electronic and automatic, meaning livestock auctioneers don’t have to work as hard to get accurate measurements during the auction process. Delivering fast and accurate weights to potential buyers makes the auction process more fair and efficient.

Solutions from Rockwell Scales

One of the industries we focus on at Rockwell Scales is agriculture, because we know just how important weight can factor into a farmer’s buying and selling decision. We offer a series of livestock scales in Great Falls, MT fit to stand up to the pressures and routine use necessary on a farm and livestock auction.

The RLLT 25K scale from our Cattleman Series is a favorite among ranchers. The scale has a 25,000-pound capacity, making it ideal for both individual and bulk weighing, and can be built in custom sizes to accommodate unique needs. This scale is extremely easy to install, but you won’t need to worry about installation at all when you work with us. We’ll handle everything for you, from design to installation to repairs and maintenance.

Additionally, we also offer portable livestock scales that are helpful for traveling livestock auctions.

Choose Rockwell Scales to assist in your next livestock auction

If you are searching for top-quality equipment to help run your livestock auction, look no further than Rockwell Scales. We are a full-service provider of agricultural, mining and industrial scale systems. And, if one of our existing American-made models doesn’t fit your needs, we can custom-build a system that will. We also provide repairs and maintenance and carry an array of accessories to make your scale function most effectively. Call us today for a free quote!

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