How Livestock Impacts Nevada’s Economy

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The livestock industry is one of the largest industries in the United States, and it serves an essential purpose. People across the country, and around the world, depend on livestock production to feed their families with fresh food. In Nevada, the livestock industry has a major influence on the overall condition of the economy. In fact, the livestock industry in Nevada accounts for over $750 million each year in economic impact, and 75 percent of that impact is from cow and calf production.

An overview of Nevada’s cattle industry

Part of the reason why cattle are such a major part of Nevada’s economy is because of how much land the state has for ranging. The state has large swaths of land that are ideal for raising cattle and calves, and Nevada has access to water resources that tend to be much more difficult to find in other agricultural hotspots in the country, such as California. Cattle production in Nevada has been growing steadily over the last several years, primarily due to the increased demand and higher prices for cattle.

In the coming years, cattle demand and production in Nevada is expected to increase even more. In recent years, China has opened its markets to accept cattle exports from the United States, which means that international demand for Nevadan cattle is on the rise, too. The combination of the export market for cattle and the rising demand for cattle domestically is good news for cattle production profits. In addition to the revenue-generating nature of the cattle industry for the state of Nevada, the growing livestock industry is also great news when it comes to employment. As production of cattle increases, more and more jobs in this sector are created.

To accommodate all of this growth in the industry, technology has been developed to streamline and improve the process of cattle production. The state has implemented the use of digital inspections and tracking to accurately monitor the quality and volume of cattle production in Nevada. Information tracking and monitoring is crucial for cattle producers, and has a significant bearing on the price that they can get for their cattle. Livestock scales in Nevada are used to weigh cattle and track their growth over time. This information can help cattle producers determine which cattle are ideal for reproduction and which production methods are most effective for yielding healthy cattle.

Learn more about livestock scales in Nevada

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