The Importance of the Cattle Industry in Utah

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In Utah, agriculture was essential to the state’s early economic development. To this day, agriculture (and, more specifically, the cattle industry) continues to be an important part of Utah’s economy. The state is made up of many rural regions that are ideal for cattle production and grazing. Cattle production in Utah has a number of important benefits for businesses and residents throughout the state, including positive economic impacts, employment opportunities and the supply of quality food and dairy products to consumers in Utah and beyond.

How the cattle industry benefits Utah

Cattle production makes up the biggest economic share of the agricultural industry in Utah, and it generates over $1.5 billion annually through sales and income creation. On average, a single cow in Utah generates about $100 a month in revenue—which makes for a pretty significant contribution to rural economies in Utah. In rural parts of the state, development and growth tends to occur very slowly, so this level of economic contribution by the cattle industry makes a big difference. Thanks to Utah’s cattle industry, rural towns and regions have experienced increased employment opportunities and growth in the private sector.

Another aspect of the cattle industry that is often overlooked is the way it affects the land itself. Grazing cattle provide vegetation control that helps keep public and private land in Utah healthy. Without the kind of vegetation clearing that cattle provide, wildfires would be much more common and more impactful in the state. On top of preserving the land, cattle also contribute to the tourism industry in Utah. The concept of cowboy culture is a major draw for many visitors to Utah, and cattle ranches help bolster that attraction. Many of the numerous tourists who visit Utah annually come at least in part to experience cowboy culture by visiting cattle ranches and Western attractions.

Altogether, the economic growth, employment opportunities, land preservation and tourism attraction that the cattle industry encourages provides advantages to the state in significant ways. The continued development and growth of the cattle industry will only serve to further benefit rural communities in Utah and the state as a whole.

To accommodate for the growth of this industry, ranchers and cattle producers rely on sophisticated technology and equipment to care for their herds. With high-quality livestock scales in Utah, cattle producers can track the weight of their cattle and determine the price that they can get from selling their livestock.

Livestock scales in Utah

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