What to Consider Before Purchasing a Livestock Scale in the South

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Whether you have worked on a farm for a long time or own an agricultural operation, you are well aware of the importance of using the right systems for calculating the weight of animals. Livestock scales are used to weigh animals as well as livestock feed, and also help farmers make decisions that will benefit their production costs and efficiency. It’s for this reason that you should reevaluate the usefulness of your old scales and make sure they are actually helping you meet production requirements. If they’re not, it’s worth it to upgrade to newer, more advanced scales.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important things to consider before purchasing a livestock scale in Louisiana or Arkansas.

Choose stationary or portable scales

Before buying new scales, you should first decide whether you want stationary livestock scales or portable scales. Which would be a greater asset to your operational needs or goals? Figure out how you weigh animals—do you typically conduct individual weigh-ins or group weigh-ins? This can help you determine the type of scale system you should get:

  • Stationary scales: These livestock scales allow you to get the weight of a group of animals. Your scale may have a customized platform with gates to make corralling and counting animals easier.
  • Portable scales: If you want the freedom of setting up a weighing station in more than one location, consider investing in portable livestock scales. They can give accurate weight readings, even on uneven surfaces like gravel. Scale options include those for alley weigh and squeeze chutes.


There are a number of advanced scale models available that offer technological features like time and data entry saving options for recording, displaying and tracking information on livestock. The most advanced livestock scales are built to communicate with herd management software—a great thing that helps you automatically keep your records up to date.

Durability of scales and how you plan to use them

Know what you need the scale for before you make a purchase—do you want a scale to weigh animals, or to weigh crop production like grain? Permanently mounted scales are excellent for weighing livestock and weighing grain into the mixer prior to shipping, while portable scales are good for most farming needs. The key takeaway here is to invest in livestock scales that are designed to be used with other important farm systems, like herd management and crop production software.

Fast grain weigh-in

Time is money, so your livestock scales must work quickly to weigh animal feed before feeding, as well as measure the weight of the animals. This is especially crucial when you use different feeds and feeding methods or want to evaluate weight gain between various pens in a feedlot. Again, invest in scales that are compatible with your farm management software so information can be automatically entered and transferred.

Here at Rockwell Scales, we can help you choose the right scale for whatever your needs may be. Call us today for assistance in selecting a livestock scale in Arkansas or Louisiana!

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