The Need for Industrial Scales in Utah

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Across the country, industrial companies send materials and goods via truck to get them to their destinations. One state in particular has a thriving industrial economy: Utah.

Manufacturing is actually one of the top economic drivers in the state. Additionally, petroleum production has a long history in the state and is still one of its significant economic providers. Furthermore, Utah’s central location in the western region of the United States puts it in a great position to be a hub for distribution for national and even global products.

With all of this shipment of freight within and across Utah, industrial companies require more than a fleet of trucks to get their loads where they need to go. They also require industrial scales.

Industrial scales play a crucial role in the delivery operations for manufactured goods. Without them, so many industries would be running less efficiently and experiencing safety risks for their drivers.

Why industrial scales are necessary

There are a few specific reasons why certain types of businesses require industrial scales within Utah.

One of the major necessities is safety. Highways and roads can withstand a lot of pressure, but they are only able to handle so much weight at one time before buckling. For this reason, highways often have load weight restrictions that cannot be exceeded, or companies risk paying hefty fines.

Additionally, heavy trucks are much harder to manage on the road. Higher load weights can reduce steering ability, resulting in safety hazards for the driver and other people on the road. Because of these safety risks, industrial companies should have industrial scales available to check truck load weights before ever hitting the road.

Another important reason industrial scales are needed in Utah is because of profit margins. For manufacturers and other industrial providers, profit is largely based on the weight of goods shipped and received. Trucks should be weighed before leaving, as well as upon arrival, to ensure that load weights are accurately recorded.

Turn to Rockwell Scales for industrial scale solutions

For industrial companies that are looking for scale solutions, Rockwell Scales can be of service. We are a premier provider of industrial scales in Montana and can build or install the perfect scale solution for your business with ease.

Rockwell Scales offers two major types of industrial scales: the Hulk Series and the Crusher Series. Both types of scales are built with durability in mind, as this is a key component of an industrial scale that weighs countless heavy loads every day. They are also extremely accurate, to ensure that your load weights and recordings are in line with your customers’, the state’s and your own expectations.

Our Hulk Series scales have an impressive 270,000-lb capacity and are legal for trade. The scales in our Crusher Series have cement decks and 100-ton capacities. And, if you require axle scales, lo-pro scales or even railroad scales, we can handle those, too.

Turn to Rockwell Scales for the best in industrial scales in Montana, Utah and beyond. We can install an existing scale system or build a custom solution to meet your needs. With the extreme importance of industrial operations in and around Utah, there’s no better provider than Rockwell Scales.

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