The Importance of Calibration

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Your truck scale is an important part of your business, especially when the material weight of your items being shipped are tracked over distance. Monitoring these weights is essential for quality and ensuring inbound and outbound weights are the same.

Your truck scale in Montana is important for ensuring quality in your product and essentially acts as a cash register for your business. That’s why it’s very important to ensure it is calibrated correctly.

Calibration services

Every vehicle needs to be tested frequently to ensure it is operating properly. Scale calibration is not just important to your bottom line, but it’s especially important for Legal for Trade use. Scales should be tested and calibrated by a professional service provider at least 12.5 percent of the scale’s nominal capacity, or every 25,000 pounds of certified test weights.

The calibration interval should be determined by the frequency of use, local guidelines and individual application requirements. Make sure you speak to your service provider about your specific usage before they calibrate your scale to ensure it is up to the task. You’ll need to have your specialist test each section of the scale and create detailed test reports for you and government authorities.

For truck scale calibration in Montana, you’ll need to get in touch with a specialized scale servicer. Proper calibration ensures your scale is consistent and accurate, which bodes well for your bottom line. At Rockwell Scales, we provide routine truck scale calibrating in Montana to ensure your scale is functioning at its peak performance.

Truck scale maintenance

In addition to scale calibration, you will want to have other routine maintenance performed to ensure that your scale is functioning to its highest levels of accuracy and make sure the functionality is maintained over the long term. Routine maintenance and repairs are imperative in keeping your scale functioning at its peak accuracy and efficiency.

You’ll also want to get your scale inspected, tested, cleaned and repaired on a regular basis. If your scale is broken or damaged, Rockwell Scales can help you identify the problem and provide comprehensive truck scale repair.

In addition to truck scale calibration, Rockwell Scales provides a full gamut of specialty services, such as load cell replacements, deck replacements, electronic repairs, weigh beam replacements, indicator replacements, mechanical repairs on older scales and mechanical to electronic conversion. We can do virtually anything you need to make your scale work for you. From scale installation to heavy-duty repairs, our experts are highly trained and ready to assist.

Since 1980, Rockwell Scales has been the premier provider of scale products and services across the United States and worldwide. We’re equipped to handle your installation, repairs, calibration in Montana and more. For unparalleled expertise, tenured capabilities and a full-service approach to delivering weight and measurement solutions, there’s no better name than Rockwell Scales. Not only does our experience prove our dedication to our products and our customers, but our scale solutions speak to our demand for continued excellence in all that we do. Contact us today for more information.


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