Why Do Indicators and Displays Matter for Large-Scale Truck Hauling?

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Indicators and displays on Montana truck scales are crucial for giving you accurate readings of your measurements. Without truck scales and all their components functioning properly, there would be significantly greater risk for everyone on the road, not to mention the trucking industry as a whole.

Having well-functioning indicators and displays is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Revenue: States bring in tax dollars based on transported goods, and a lot of this money is based on freight weight. Truck scales with properly-functioning equipment allow accurate reporting of freight weight, which means accurate tax revenue figures as well.
  • Driver safety: Every state also sets its own regulations for safety on its roadways. Trucks that exceed the weight limit put everyone else on the road at greater risk. Therefore, if you do not have a properly functioning indicator or display on your truck scale in Montana, it can be impossible to trust you are getting an accurate reading, meaning there is a greater safety risk to people out on the road. Overloaded trucks pose greater risks with vehicle performance and potential tipping.
  • Road conditions: Trucks that exceed the specified weight limit could also cause damage to the roads and highways on which they travel, resulting in costly repairs for local or state governments.

The IDS 430 digital indicator

One of the gold standards on the market in Montana right now for digital indicators is the IDS 430, from Industrial Data Systems. This highly versatile indicator allows you to perform multiple tasks, including standard weighing operations, check-weighing, bulk loading and controlling batches. It features 16 programmable macros, and enables you to design a record to satisfy your specific requirements. The system is kept inside a stainless steel enclosure to keep it protected, and you can mount it on a desk or wall at any angle for your convenience.

There are seven built-in applications that come standard with the equipment: fill to setpoint, ID tare, check weigh, peak hold, weigh-in weigh-out and manual/auto axle or container weighing. With some basic knowledge of program writing, you can create an unlimited number of applications specific for your operations.

The advanced technology used with this indicator includes Delta Sigma scale technology, capable of taking 60 samples per second. It features a pair of bi-directional serial ports and a digital port for TTL I/O control. You can use TTL signals for relay switching to get greater control over alarms, traffic lights, augers, bells and more. The lightning protection feature protects against potential voltage spikes on AC input and load cell lines. You can create a network of several units, controllable from one master unit for greater control over an entire facility.

This solution is ideal for a wide variety of industries where industrial weigh stations are necessary, including transportation, agricultural, industrial, mining and manufacturing.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of indicators and displays and the IDS 430 in particular, we encourage you to contact the team at Rockwell Scales. Our industrial, truck and livestock scale company serves clients in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota!

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