Developing a Calibration Program

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Across the commercial and industrial world, businesses live and die on the accuracy of their scales. Industrial scales in Montana are used to ship large packages, transport goods from a loading dock, weigh livestock, measure inventory and so much more. If your scale is just a few degrees out of whack, it could mean significant cost overruns for your business. That’s why it is so critical to develop a written calibration program.

What is calibration?

Even in an industrial setting, scale calibration is a relatively straightforward process. A test weight is placed on your scale. This test weight is specially designed for accuracy. The error in your scale is noted as the difference between the reading on the scale and the actual value of the test weight. Given these readings, you can reset your scale to remain in compliance with regulations.

Reduce risk

Hopefully, you are working with a professional who can occasionally check your scales to make sure they’re on track. Unless you’re having that pro come in several times a month, however, there is a good chance your industrial scales will start to become misaligned—and much more quickly than you might think.

Once things go awry, they will only continue to get more and more out of balance. If you’re waiting to have your scales checked in between visits from a professional, you run the risk of having a tremendous amount of product pass through your business that is being inaccurately assessed. A calibration program can help you assess your scales between official visits to make sure you stay on track.

Get back on track

A well-written calibration program for industrial scales in Montana helps with more than just identifying issues. A written calibration program can help you and your team take deliberate steps to realign your scales to make sure they remain accurate between official visits from your scale team.

Establish a training program

As you work on your internal scale calibration methods, it is imperative that you make sure more than one of your team members understands the importance of a properly-weighted scale as well as the proper steps to take to get things back in order. This will help reduce your overall risk of inaccurately-weighed products coming through your business.

Put your trust in us

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