What Scale Service Means to Montana’s Rockwell Scales

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Scale calibration is the key to accurate measurements and continuous, reliable operation. Scheduling regular scale calibration and repair appointments in Montana should be part of your normal business operations—if your scales are off, you risk dissatisfied customers, loss of money and may even miss easily repairable wear and tear.

Here’s why Rockwell Scales emphasizes scale calibration and repair:

  • Maintain accurate weight measurements: Most importantly, scale calibration, maintenance and repair are crucial for maintaining accurate measurements. When your scale is off even by the slightest amount, you risk either losing money or shorting your customers. A 10-cent cost difference might not mean much if it happens once, but it adds up over time. Even a few ounces of difference on a livestock measurement can throw off their care and feeding plan.
  • Stay in compliance: If your business depends on weight limit regulations, such as the trucking industry, an uncalibrated scale can mean paying penalties and fines that could have been avoided. It also helps you pass internal and external audits without issue.
  • Spot wear and tear before it worsens: Regular scale calibration and general maintenance appointments in Montana can help spot issues before they become much bigger problems. Instead of waiting until your scales malfunction, proactively scheduling appointments will help you stay on top of issues.
  • Avoid downtime: When you take care of your scales, you’ll be less likely to suffer excessive downtime that can cut into your profits. Scales are crucial to many businesses, and being without the use of just one can cause problems that take weeks to recover from. Keep up with your maintenance and calibration, and you’ll rarely be surprised by scale downtime.
  • Save money: In addition to avoiding downtime and spotting issues early, keeping your scales maintained and calibrated will help you save money. You won’t lose money on loads, and you’re far less likely to be surprised by a need for major repair or replacement. Servicing your scales is a smart way to keep your business profitable.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction: Finally, your customers depend on you to be honest about your product—and that includes accurate measurements. Whether it’s livestock, a load of feed or a bag of screws, a company that has a reputation for accuracy and honesty will be more successful than a business with a reputation for carelessness (or worse).

Scale maintenance should be part of every owner’s regular to-do list. Be sure to check your state’s calibration schedule requirements and other potential audits, then schedule appointments accordingly. Typically, scale calibration certification in Montana lasts for a year, but you may need to get them repaired and calibrated more frequently. If your scales have been subjected to inclement weather, natural disasters or other damage recently, don’t wait until your next yearly calibration appointment—call a scale service company right away.

Rockwell Scales offers general scale maintenance, service and calibration appointments, including livestock and truck scales in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota. When your business depends on accuracy, you can depend on Rockwell Scales!

It is very important to us that our customers know that we are priced extremely well along our service contracts. We are patriots and all our products are American made. Call us today to discuss your options and start saving thousands of dollars!

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