How Often Must a Truck Scale Be Calibrated?

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If your business involves truck scales, it’s important to know how often to calibrate your truck scale in Montana. Of course, this fact raises several other questions. Let’s look at the FAQ on this topic to discover the relationship between truck scale calibration and your business in Montana.

What is truck scale calibration in Montana?

Truck scale calibration is the process of testing and adjusting a scale to ensure it adheres to accepted standards for weights.

How is truck scale calibration completed?

As part of a truck scale calibration, three tests are often performed. The linearity test involves grouping weight sets to determine if any adjustments are needed. The repeatability test requires adding and removing the same amount of weight to the truck scale to see if the amount remains accurate. The eccentricity test involves placing the same weight on various parts of the scale to ensure the reading is accurate no matter the placement.

How often must a truck scale be calibrated?

A good rule of thumb is to calibrate scales two or three times each year. However, keep in mind that the frequency of weighing and the age of the scale are important factors in the frequency of the calibration required to properly maintain the scale. Consult with your local scale experts to determine the appropriate frequency for your scale.

Why is truck scale calibration important?

If a scale is off, even slightly, the error in weighing can result in significant revenue losses. For example, if a scale is off by two graduations, you may be losing more than 40 pounds of material for each truckload. This starts to add up quickly and eats away at your bottom line.

Additionally, inaccurate weights can result in ticketing and fines for overweight loads. Proper calibration can help avoid these mistakes and the resulting losses.

Who should complete truck scale calibration in Montana?

When you need truck scale calibration in Montana, it’s crucial to work with the experts. This is not something you should try to do yourself, and it’s not a job for amateurs. You have a lot riding on the accuracy of the scale, so look for a company that knows the important relationship between truck scale calibration and your Montana business. Partner with professionals who have a proven reputation in the industry and are familiar with a wide range of scales.

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