The Importance of Livestock Scales

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If your operations involve livestock, then livestock scales are an important part of your business. It is essential to incorporate these scales into your operations for several reasons. Of course, it’s also important to choose the best scales, which means there are several factors to consider when purchasing a livestock scale in Montana.

First, though, it is crucial to understand why these scales should be a priority.

Consider the following benefits offered by the use of livestock scales:

  • Weight-gain management: A common priority is to reach optimum weights for sale day. When you use top-rated livestock scales, you can effectively manage weight gain by efficiently and easily monitoring the weight of your livestock. This helps guide your feeding programs and allows you to keep your livestock at optimal weights.
  • Breeding accuracy:By using livestock scales to capture individual weights more often, you can make better decisions for breeding. This will maximize profits by improving your bull selection, timing and overall reproductive performance of your herd.
  • Waste reduction: When you don’t obtain accurate weights, you may waste money and time on parasite control and medications that are used to control livestock weight. When you can obtain a more exact weight with a livestock scale, you can reduce the use of these treatments.
  • Illness identification: Livestock scales allow you to weigh your animals more frequently. This helps identify any health concerns, because increased weight loss or a reduction in weight gain are top indicators of illness. This red flag can help identify health issues early to prevent worsening or spreading of an illness.
  • Data storage: Some livestock scales allow you to easily capture data for future use and integration into the rest of your operations, which can be highly beneficial to your bottom line. The scale’s ability to gather this data is an important factor to consider when purchasing a livestock scale in Montana.
  • Comparison tool: The use of livestock scales gives you the ability to compare different breeds and feed types. By comparing these important variables, you can reduce error, make more informed decisions and increase profits.
  • Flexibility: One of the traits used for defining livestock scales in Montana is the style of the scale. Depending on your needs, you can choose either a portable or permanent scale. A portable platform scale gives you the ability to easily bring the scale to the cattle. This is helpful if you have livestock in various locations. However, if you need to weigh the livestock at their processing location, a permanent scale makes more sense.

Reap the benefits

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