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Across the United States, a whole lot of businesses depend on the accuracy of their industrial scales. That’s where the team at Rockwell Scales comes in. Regardless of why you require a reliable scale, our highly-trained team of experts is ready to help out. Though our physical address is in Montana, our services extend to the entirety of Utah as well. We’re fully licensed by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, which means we have the expertise to handle all of your industrial scale installation, maintenance and replacement needs.

Any industry

There are so many industries throughout Montana and Utah that require top-of-the-line industrial scales. Farmers and livestock experts need a high-functioning scale to make sure the cattle they’re getting to market are weighed accurately, every time. That’s where our Cattleman Series and RLLT 25K scales come into play.

Elsewhere, Utah’s thriving transportation industry leans on Rockwell Scales to ensure that every one of their valuable trucking shipments hits the correct weight.
And that’s not all! The success of failure of the state’s mining industry hinges on their scales’ ability to weigh material as it enters or exits the site. These are just a handful of the industries that Rockwell Scales is proud to serve. If you need an industrial scale, the odds are good that we have one that will suit your needs.

Comprehensive services

Rockwell Scales doesn’t stop at the sales and rental of industrial scales. Sure, we have a massive selection of scales that you can purchase or rent on an as-needed basis, but our skillset extends so much further:

  • Calibration: Anyone who regularly works with an industrial scale understands how critical an accurate readout is. Just a few pounds off, and you could end up with a drastically different bottom line (not to mention a pack of aggravated customers).
  • Repair: Have you noticed that your scale appears to be off? Has it just stopped functioning correctly? The team at Rockwell Scales in Utah can ensure that your industrial scale gets the parts and services it needs to get back to work.
  • Maintenance: The key to maintaining the success of your industrial scale is to establish a routine of inspection and preventative maintenance. If you have a scale on-site, having a trained professional stop by to look things over from time to time can end up saving you a bundle.

When you need the best industrial scale service in Utah, Rockwell Scales is ready to help.

All the accessories

Your requirements for your industrial scale may not be met entirely with just the scale alone. That’s why Rockwell Scales offers all of our Utah and Montana customers a comprehensive assortment of scale accessories, like printers, bill acceptors, stoplights, automated ticketing mechanisms and even solar panels. If your scale needs it, we’ve got it.

We’re your team

Since we opened our doors in 1980, Rockwell Scales has taken great pride in offering efficient, detail-oriented services to customers throughout Utah and Montana. Call today to find out how we can help you.

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