How Rockwell Scales Dominates the Scale Industry

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Since 1980, Rockwell Scales has been a force in the industrial scale industry in Montana and beyond. We’re pleased to continue that legacy 40-plus years later as a leader in industrial scale technology.

Who are we at Rockwell Scales?

The Rockwell family has roots in Montana stretching back more than 120 years, when Nick Rockwell’s great grandfather, Walter Woodrow, settled in the Sun River Valley as a farmer in the square butte. He became the very first person in the valley to purchase a horseless carriage, which earned him a bit of local renown.

His daughter Mary married Victor Rockwell, who himself arrived in the valley after running away from an orphanage when he was a kid. The two raised four children, including Nick’s father Dan, who eventually founded Rockwell Scales.

When Dan returned from service in the U.S. Navy, he began working on the Alaskan pipeline, and soon became a manager of Glacier National Park. After seeing a series of successes and hardships, he developed The Great American Salvage Corporation, which tore down grain elevators to sell the components. Customers frequently asked him to install the scales he took out of the grain elevators, and as he learned the importance of a reliable scale, he determined he would be able to make a better one.

That’s how Rockwell Scales was formed.

Services and offerings

Today, Rockwell Scales creates a wide range of scales for industrial settings, agricultural properties, mining purposes and more, as well as various accessories that go with those scales.

The company also provides a range of scale services to clients in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota and Idaho, including the following:

  • Scale repair: If you have any broken or damaged scale components, Rockwell Scales is here to inspect your system, determine the cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs. With our supply of spare parts and our thorough knowledge of industrial scales, we’ll be able to get your scales back up and running in no time at all.
  • Scale calibration: Proper calibration of your industrial scales is crucial for ensuring consistent and accurate reading. If your scale is even slightly uncalibrated, the differences between the readings and actual weights could negatively impact your bottom line. Our team is happy to come out to your facility and perform routine calibration work so you can be completely certain you’re getting precise readings every single time.
  • Standard maintenance: There’s more to maintaining an industrial scale than being proactive with your calibration schedule! While we’re working on calibration, we are also pleased to perform other maintenance work that includes inspections, testing, cleaning or other repairs. Whatever kind of maintenance you need for your scales, our Rockwell Scales team is more than capable of delivering it. We’re happy to assist when you need us!

There are also plenty of specialty services you might need, depending on the kind of scale you have and facility you run. These include deck, load cell, weigh beam and indicator replacements, as well as various mechanical repairs for older scales and conversions of mechanical scale to electronic readers.

For more information about who we are at Rockwell Scales, contact us today!

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