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Mining scales are necessary for any operation in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Idaho and beyond. Anyone managing a mine should know what to use a mining scale for and who uses a mining scale in their daily tasks. Otherwise, you will likely run an inefficient operation. Here are some frequently asked questions about mining scales and the answers to help you make an informed decision about equipment for your mine.

Why are mining scales important?

Mining scales measure the success of current mining operations and keep accurate records regarding mineral supply and value. Scales perform a primary role in monitoring and managing payloads, and accuracy is critical in these areas. In this time of technological development and regulations, you need reliable data. The right scale provides that.

Weighing data must show mined materials are legal for trade, and operations need records of incoming and outgoing materials and waste reduction. These functions rely heavily on weighing accuracy to be successful.

What types of scales are used in mining?

Small- and large-scale mines use scales. Standard scales include truck scales, weighbridges, rail scales, conveyor scales and belt weighers for larger mines. Truck scales and weighbridges weigh materials after they are mined, while rail, conveyor and belt scales weigh materials in motion. For these larger systems, scale capacity can be as high as 800 tons.

Small-scale mines use scales as well. Rather than these larger types, they use floor and bench scales. Even in large-scale operations, you see floor and bench scales for precious metals and gemstones.

Truck scales are a frequent favorite because materials do not require unloading first. They hold up well in the harsh conditions up north, and the lack of unloading reduces labor costs and delays. It is just a matter of customizing them to your vehicles and teaching workers how to use them. Your options include onboard truck scales, portable truck axle scales and truck weighbridges.

Who uses a mining scale?

In this industry, everybody! Generally, any workers in operations, revenue, inventory, quality assurance or regulatory compliance have a scale at their disposal. Drivers and miners interact with scales every day. If you work in mining, chances are, you use a scale.

Scales used to be purely about weight. Now they are complex and computerized systems designed to take the guesswork out of payload management. All of your employees should have some skill using a mining scale, even outside their precise job description.

Where do I find mining scales?

You want to find an experienced vendor who understands the vital role of scales in mining. Every mining operation has a different scale system unique to its minerals, equipment and vehicle use. A skilled vendor can help you determine the scale systems that work best for your industry.

At Rockwell Scales, we sell the Goliath Series of mining scales, which come in many forms and weigh up to 800 tons. They all come with a two-year warranty on electronics and a five-year warranty on components and structure. We offer mining scales for sale or rent throughout Montana, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota and Idaho.

Now that you know who uses a mining scale and what to use a mining scale for, it is time to start choosing your system. Call Rockwell Scales today, and see what we can offer your mining operation.

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