Why Accurate Scale Weight Data Is Essential at Mines

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There are many reasons why accurate weight data is essential in mining operations. Accurate weighing helps manage payloads, manage revenue, control costs and much more. Having an accurate weight even helps keep companies away from certain legal issues. These scales might weigh several full trucks in one day, which is why it’s important to invest in an accurate scale that’s going to last a long time. Read on to learn more about mining scales and the benefits of getting an accurate one for your company.

The different types of scales

There are several different types of scales used in the mining industry, including onboard truck scales, portable truck axle scales and truck weighbridges. Onboard truck scales are interesting devices built into the truck itself. These scales weigh loads while they’re still in the truck. Some people prefer using these scales over ones that require the truck to park on the scale. Onboard truck scales are easy to customize, so you’re sure to find one that fits on your trucks.

Portable truck axle scales are attached to a truck’s axles. These devices also weigh loads while they’re still on the truck. The main difference between portable axle truck scales and onboard truck scales is that you can easily detach axle scales and place them on another truck. It’s usually easy to find axle truck scales that will fit on almost any truck.

The last type of mining scale is truck weighbridges. To use these scales, the truck needs to be positioned on top of the scale. Truck weighbridges can be installed above ground or in-ground, depending on your preferences. Most weighbridges come with a number of additional features, including surveillance cameras, remote displays and more.

The benefits of an accurate scale

There are benefits that come with most truck scales. One of the main benefits is that most truck scales are extremely durable. These scales are made to withstand harsh conditions, so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged at your mining site. That said, it’s important to check the weight capacity of any mining scale you’re considering buying.

But the biggest benefit is that you can get an accurate weight with high-quality mining scales. With accurate weighing, you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies that cause losses in profits or legal issues. Most truck scales are also easy to customize, so you can use them with almost any type of truck. That means you won’t have to invest in additional trucks if you already have your own fleet.

Finally, truck scales are built to last. As long as they’re properly maintained, good truck scales can last around two decades or more.

Deciding on a good truck scale

Choosing the right truck scale depends on your company’s exact needs. Either way, it’s important to get mining scales with accurate weight tracking. Consult with a local dealer about your wants and needs, and they can easily help you find the perfect scale. For all of your mining scale needs, contact the experts at Rockwell Scales. We offer top-quality products at competitive prices for mining and a host of other industrial operations.

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