Signs That It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Truck Scale

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Heavy-duty components and quality construction processes mean truck scales are designed to last for years without failing. But there may be a day when your scale needs to be replaced or repaired. The good news is that knowing when to repair or replace isn’t a guessing game. Keep reading to learn a few of the top signs to repair truck scales.

Inconsistent readings

The first thing you may notice is that your scale isn’t giving consistent readings anymore. An item that weighs 1,000 pounds one time might read 1,006 pounds the next. But even if it’s just a few pounds off, that could mean trouble for your daily operations.

Inconsistent readings are generally caused by load cell or mechanical issues. You may be able to recalibrate the scale yourself by reading your manufacturer’s owners’ manual. If that doesn’t work, hire a professional to repair or replace your scale.

Unstable readings

An unstable reading is similar to an inconsistent one, and it’s one of the leading signs to repair truck scales. An unstable reading means that the numbers waver while your item is on the scale. These reading fluctuations may be caused by low humidity in the air, which affects the load cells. It could also just be an issue with your scale’s display monitor.

Either way, it’s best to have your scale inspected by a professional. Your technician can perform a full assessment of your scale to see what’s behind those unstable readings and take all necessary actions to correct the problem.

Rust or corrosion

Any outdoor truck scale will likely experience some rust or corrosion over time due to the elements. While some rust isn’t a big deal, it can cause your scale to malfunction if the load cells start to get rusty. To prevent this problem, try to keep your scale as dry as possible and clean it routinely.

It’s not really possible to make repairs if the scale isn’t working due to rust or corrosion. Your only course of action is to have it replaced with a new one.

Shock loading

Your scale is only rated to handle a certain amount of weight. If you place a load on your scale that’s too heavy, it may experience shock loading—which is one of the signs to replace truck scales. Try powering your scale down and recalibrating it. If you’re still getting inconsistent readings, call a technician to perform an inspection.

Depending on the severity, your technician may be able to make repairs. That said, there’s a strong possibility that your scale will need to be replaced with a larger one that’s capable of handling heavier loads.

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