Reasons Your Truck Scale Might Not Be Working

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A functional truck scale is necessary for your business. With proper maintenance, truck scales can provide reliable readings for years without needing to be repaired or replaced. But accidents happen, and you don’t always get the longevity assured by the manufacturer.

If you’re experiencing a scale not working, keep reading. This post will cover a few of the possible explanations:

  • Outdated equipment: One of the most common reasons your scale isn’t working is that it’s old. Although replacement is a daunting thought, making continuous repairs on an outdated scale can cost much more than buying a new one. If your scale is getting up there in years, talk to our team at Rockwell Scales about buying a new one today.
  • Environmental factors: Harsh Montana winters can take a significant toll on your truck scale. Moisture accumulation and frigid temperatures can lead to inconsistent readings or electrical malfunction. Our advice is to cover your scale when it’s not in use to help protect it from the weather. Additionally, hire a technician to perform yearly tune-ups and recalibration to ensure it’s always working its best.
  • Lightning strike: A single bolt of lightning can be one of the reasons for a scale not working. Direct lightning strikes can fry electrical components, but even indirect strikes can result in power surges that disrupt your scale’s calibration. If your scale doesn’t have built-in surge protection, ensure it’s grounded and connected to a surge protector to help safeguard against Mother Nature.
  • Load cells: Malfunctioning load cells or build-up on load cells are another one of the main reasons for a scale not working. Scheduling routine professional maintenance is the best way to keep your load cells in working order. Additionally, keep your scale as clean as possible and remove any visible grime that could affect readings. These simple steps can go a long way in avoiding scale repairs or replacement.
  • Junction boxes: Moisture or debris inside the junction box can also lead to inaccurate or inconsistent readings. The sensitive circuits and connections inside the boxes must be protected from outdoor elements at all costs. If your scale seems broken, check to ensure that the box itself isn’t opened or compromised. If it is, hire a technician to replace the box and make all necessary electrical repairs.

Hire us to make your repairs

If your truck scale isn’t working like it used to, just call our professionals at Rockwell Scales. Here are the reasons to choose our team:

  • Wide range of services: We specialize in everything from emergency repairs to general maintenance and recalibration. We even sell and install new scales if yours is beyond repair.
  • Fast response time: We know a malfunctioning scale means downtime for your operation. We’re committed to providing rapid response time to ensure your business gets up and running ASAP.
  • Fair pricing: There’s no reason to overpay for scale repairs or maintenance. We have some of the best prices in town for all of our services.

Nobody is better than Rockwell Scales when it comes to remedying a scale not working. If we’re unable to repair your scale, we can sell or rent you a new one at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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