Ways to Extend the Life of a Truck Scale

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The general rule among truck scale manufacturers is that a weighbridge should be capable of lasting for at least 20 years when it sees standard usage, which typically involves weighing about 200 trucks per day. The expected lifespan can fluctuate based on that usage, but the 20-year standard is a good benchmark for determining the quality of a scale.

Companies that purchase these scales can still take some additional steps to prolong truck scale life. After all, with the amount of money a company invests in this equipment, it only makes sense to keep it in good working condition for as long as possible to maximize the return on that investment.

Here are several steps companies can take to extend the life of their truck scales and ensure reliable performance for the long term.

Cleaning and maintenance

Vehicle scales tend to be used in very harsh environments, and they will be used to weigh vehicles that go through a lot of use in all weather conditions. Over time, they will be exposed to a significant amount of mud, debris, oils, corrosives and various other materials and contaminants.

Scale owners should regularly inspect the condition of their scales to determine if they need to be cleaned. Usually a good power-washing will be sufficient. It’s a good idea to use a waterproof system for this reason.

Owners of truck scales should also have their systems inspected and put through regular preventative maintenance annually. Work with companies that specialize in offering this service to catch small issues and make the necessary repairs before they become significantly more serious and expensive.

Traffic flow management

The process of driving on and off of a scale can be quite tough on that equipment. Think about it: These are trucks that weigh several tons, pulling up and suddenly stopping on top of the equipment, forcing their weight down on top of it. Truck scales are, of course, designed with weight capacities that allow them to handle this, but, eventually, this will result in some significant wear and tear on key components.

Controlling the traffic flow coming in to use the truck scale is one way you can extend the scale’s usable life. Consider adding traffic gates to the weigh station, as well as lights that control when trucks are allowed to pull up onto the scale, ensuring drivers come to a complete stop before they proceed on to the scale.

Learn about your scale

If you understand how the scale functions (including the role each of its key components plays in its operation), you will be better able to stay on top of your maintenance and repairs and catch small problems before they potentially become big ones. This will also be of use in between preventative maintenance appointments—you can catch issues yourself during your daily or weekly inspections.

Want to know more about how to extend the life of a truck scale? Get in touch with Rockwell Scales today with any questions you have for us.

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