The Importance of Cleaning Your Truck Scale

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Like any piece of industrial equipment, one of the keys to maintaining a truck scale is keeping it clean. Because of the nature of the device, truck scales will receive their share of wear and tear over their lifespan. They’re also susceptible to getting dirty, as trucks repeatedly drive onto and off of them.

Truck scale cleaning can present the owner with several benefits. This article will cover some of the reasons why it’s important to regularly clean your truck scale and some of the perks therein.


If you’ve invested in a truck scale, it’s crucial that it provides you with accurate weigh-out readings. Truck scale cleaning can remove any dirt or mud that’s been caked onto the weighbridge that could adversely affect the accuracy of the scale. How often you clean the mud, dirt and debris off of your truck scale would likely depend on where it’s located and how much use it gets, but cleaning it at least once a week would likely increase your truck scale’s accuracy.

Prevents rust and corrosion

It’s difficult to understate the importance of cleaning your truck scale. A dirty truck scale holds more moisture than a clean one, and when you’re operating finely-tuned heavy machinery, moisture is the enemy. If you fail to clean your truck scale regularly and adequately, the added moisture that it holds could lead to structural problems with the metal such as rust and corrosion. This would in turn shorten the lifespan of your truck scale.

Halts seasonal damage

The weather in Great Falls, MT can get extremely cold, with the months of November through March averaging more than 20 days of below freezing each year. We just discussed how a dirty truck scale can hold unwanted moisture; in the winter, that moisture can freeze and turn to ice. As you can imagine, ice is terrible for your truck scale, as it can compromise accurate weigh-out readings and even prevent the truck scale from functioning. Cleaning your truck scale regularly or investing in a drip pit can help to counteract potential seasonal damage.

Reduces downtime

Truck scale cleaning is critical to keeping your truck scale up and running. If there are structural or accuracy issues with your truck scale, you’ll have to take time to have it cleaned, repaired or both. The longer your truck scale is down, the more time and money it can cost you. If you perform preventative maintenance like cleaning and inspecting it, your truck scale should be good to go for years to come.

Ensures compliance

For safety and trade reasons, it’s important to know precisely how much each truck weighs. As such, there are government regulations stipulating a range of tolerance regarding truck scales. No truck scale is perfect, so there are acceptable parameters that it’s weighing mechanisms must operate within. Keeping your truck scale clean can help your scale stay within those boundaries and on the right side of the law.

Call about your truck scale today

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