Why Portability Is Important in Truck Scales

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When considering the most important characteristics of a truck scale, don’t forget about portability. There are many settings where permanent, in-ground scales are the most suitable option, but also having portable scales increases efficiency of operations and can cut down on the amount of time trucks spend on their hauls.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of truck scale portability for you to consider.

Greater convenience

Portable truck scales are quite a bit smaller than the traditional in-ground models found at most weigh stations, but they still are able to get the job done in a very comparable way to those solutions. There are portable truck scales that handle up to 20,000 pounds on each pad!

The mobility of portable scales offers a great deal of convenience without the need to sacrifice the core functionality that comes from permanent scales being built into the ground. Their user interfaces are found on the side or can be connected via a control terminal.

Take your scales wherever you need them, and get accurate weight readings without having to maneuver a truck to a weigh station with a permanent installation.

Enhanced flexibility

There are many work environments where it’s necessary to have a truck scale, and some of those environments are temporary jobsites. It makes far more sense both logistically and economically to have a portable truck scale in these environments rather than a permanent, in-ground solution. These mobile solutions are flexible enough to be used on a wide range of terrains as well, including uneven terrains, like gravel or loose soil, while still giving accurate, trustworthy readings.

Sufficient accuracy

In the past, the primary concern with portable truck scales was that they would not produce accurate readings; however, the technology has progressed to the point where this no longer needs to be a concern. Today’s portable truck scales are capable of delivering highly-dependable and accurate weight data, wherever you need to use them. This means there’s no longer the need to worry about fines associated with overloading; your readings will be accurate, allowing you to perfectly load your vehicles.

User-friendly displays

Even in dirty work environments, the displays remain bright and easy to read. This means you can get clear readings to ensure accurate data collection, and you can get a more user-friendly experience instead of being forced to use a permanently-installed display that would serve as a dirt trap in the same environment. Models will feature either an on-board screen or the ability to connect to an existing control terminal. You can even print reports right on the spot, depending on the model you have.

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest benefits associated with prioritizing portability in truck scales. If you’re interested in learning more about the portable truck scale options available on the market and why these types of truck scales may be a worthwhile investment for you to add to your arsenal, we encourage you to contact our team at Rockwell Scales.

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