Everything You Need to Know About Livestock Scales

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If you own livestock, you’re probably well tuned to the physical welfare of your animals. You likely monitor them closely to ensure that they’re in good health—but sometimes livestock can be sick without showing exterior symptoms.

This is where a livestock scale can come in handy. If you weigh your animals regularly, you can more closely oversee their health, using their weight and its fluctuations as a guide. To know where to begin, you’ll need some livestock scale info.

This article will cover top FAQs and what you need to know about livestock scales.

What is a livestock scale?

A livestock scale is a large industrial device that is used to weigh livestock. Livestock scales come in a few different varieties, including portable and permanent scales. They’re available in various sizes, weight limits and with different advanced features. Livestock scales are often a worthy investment and can offer myriad benefits to farmers.

What are some of the benefits of using livestock scales?

One of the most important bits of livestock scale info is how they can enhance the care the animals receive. Weighing your livestock regularly will allow you to chart their weight over time and catch any health problems that they may have, and you’ll notice if they’re losing weight or not gaining weight at the desired rate. You can then treat the animals more quickly and more effectively, potentially saving their lives and saving you money.

In addition, livestock scales can help with breeding. You might be able to tell if an animal is pregnant by weighing them on a livestock scale. Some livestock scales even come with advanced features that not only record the weight of the animals but their body conditions as well, which could tip you off that the animal may be pregnant.

What are the different types of livestock scales?

When figuring out what to know about livestock scales, you should understand the three main types: mobile, portable and stationary.

Mobile livestock scales are designed to be durable, as they can be transported from place to place. They normally consist of a rubber deck with steel pen sides and can hold animals in transit. You can turn the scale’s weighing mode on and off to protect the components when the animals aren’t being weighed.

Portable livestock scales are usually larger scales that are transported using flatbed trucks. They typically have a deck and a designated pen side to make loading and unloading the animals easier.

Stationary livestock scales are meant to be used in one place repeatedly. The livestock themselves are brought to the scale to be weighed. These scales are generally more accurate because they don’t have to account for being transported and can implement weighbridge designs that are ordinarily used in larger, industrial, heavy-vehicle scales.

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