Choosing The Right Livestock Scale in Utah

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Choosing the right livestock scale in Utah is paramount, whether you’re a farmer, veterinarian, or zookeeper. The scale you choose should make your job easier and your profits more abundant. These are the top characteristics to review and compare when choosing your scale:

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is perhaps the most vital feature to examine when shopping for the best livestock scale. There’s no use buying a scale if the animals you weigh are so heavy that they’ll overload and destroy it.

It’s a much better idea to consider the types of animals you’ll need to weigh and then purchase a scale according to their variations. For example, a scale with a 3,000-pound weight capacity should be sufficient for horses, whereas you may need 4,000 max pounds for bulls. Select a scale with the highest capacity if you’ll be working with a mix of animals.  

Scale Type

You’ll need to put some thought into the type of scale you need for your operation, as some might be more suitable than others. For instance, having a battery-operated scale might be a good idea if you work in an area prone to storms that affect electricity.

A battery-operated unit might help weigh the best livestock for wooded area conditions. Single-animal scales are the most effective when your job involves a lot of one-off weigh-ins of single animals. However, a platform scale could be more fitting if you need to do frequent readings or weigh more than one animal at a time. 

Extra Features

Feature additions are another area you’ll need to cover before selecting the right model. Manufacturers craft an array of scales with job ease in mind for farming and similar industries. These are some useful features to consider when shopping:

Weight Conversion

Some models can convert weights to make it easier to write the measurements down without doing mathematical computations. You’ll see pounds and kilograms on the digital display of a newer scaling system.  


Wireless features such as Bluetooth will give you more room to work while allowing you to connect to additional accessories. Having the extra feature will speed your work time up immensely. 

Scale Memory

The scale memory feature will save the animals’ weight for later use when you need to process documentation. It may come in handy when your workload is super high.

Many more features are being made available as livestock scale technology advances. You can find out more information from an experienced sales agent.  

Price Range

Price range matters, no matter what type of organization you run. You’ll want to select a unit that doesn’t overstep your budget but has the high quality and feature menu you need.

The low-end of scale pricing is under $1,000, while the most expensive units can surpass $3,000. It’s best to review your budget first and then search for a scale that falls within the allotted amount. 

You should have no hardship choosing the most efficient livestock scale for your business project using the guidelines above. Ensure you consider all the advantages and speak to a scale sales expert before choosing.  

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