How To Get the Most Out of Your Livestock Scale in Utah

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Livestock scales in Utah are essential for monitoring your cattle’s growth, health, and feeding. They allow you to weigh sheep, horses, cattle, or other livestock you own for commercial purposes. Whether you own a small farm or a major dairy operation, ensuring your scale increases productivity and profitability is crucial. So, how do you ensure you get the most out of your livestock scale in Utah? This post covers tips you can utilize for high precision, accuracy, and convenience.

Get the Right Scale

Livestock scales come in different sizes, displays, weight ranges, and designs. What you choose depends on your needs and preference. For instance, if you’re looking to monitor weight, feed efficiency, and dosage accuracy, you can choose a scale that provides features such as weight average. The right scale improves efficiency and convenience as it helps you understand critical details of your livestock anytime you need them.

Set Your Scale Up Correctly

Once you’ve picked the right scale for your needs, the next crucial step is setting it up. If incorrectly done, your scale will give inaccurate results, which can mess up your business. If you purchased a permanent scale, find a flat secure surface and screw it down. A portable livestock scale can be an excellent choice if you have livestock on multiple properties. They use batteries and come with heavy-duty casters and handlers, making them easy to move around, so you can weigh your animals whenever you need to.

Make Sure the Animal Is Safe and Comfortable

One of the most important things you need to do for accurate results is to ensure that the animal is not stressed. Weighing a stressed animal can cause a drop in its live weight. Your cattle can lose up to 0.5% of their weight every 30 minutes spent loading and sorting. This translates to five pounds for every 1000-pound animal.

If an animal is uncomfortable, you will have difficulty holding it still, which affects the results. To avoid wasting time and getting inaccurate results, ensure the animal is relaxed and comfortable enough before attempting to weigh them. You also want to consider their safety by ensuring they don’t trip or slip, which could lead to severe injuries. Some animal injuries may be challenging to treat and will often affect their overall future weight.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Getting the most out of a livestock scale in Utah requires regular maintenance. Check the load cells and mounts regularly to ensure they are not damaged. Maintaining your weighing equipment involves cleaning, which helps keep it functional throughout the year.

Clear the dust, dirt, or anything left behind by the animals on the scale’s surface, such as rocks and manure, to ensure none of these falls onto the scale’s active components. Getting experts to check and maintain the scales helps prolong its life.

Get the Right Livestock Scale Today!

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