How To Properly Use a Livestock Scale in Utah

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As a livestock owner, you must know how to use a livestock scale in Utah. Generally, a livestock scale will assist you in determining the weight of your animal. This will help you to make management decisions regarding feeding, veterinary care, and the potential marketing of your animal. If you want to progress in the aspects discussed above, here are the tips for using a livestock scale in Utah.

1. Use a Stable Weighing Surface

Using a scale is essential, but you must also ensure that the weighing surface is stable. An unstable surface will give you an inaccurate reading. To avoid this, use a scale that is designed for livestock weighing. This type of scale will have a built-in floor or deck that is flat and level. A stable weighing surface helps you to get an accurate weight reading.

2. Calibrate the Scale Regularly

It is important to calibrate your scale regularly to ensure that you are getting an accurate weight reading. You can purchase a calibration weight kit from your local livestock supply store. Some farmers also use a known-weight animal, such as a calf, to calibrate their scale. When calibrating the scale, ensure the weight is evenly distributed on the platform.

3. Weigh Your Animal at the Same Time Each Day

For optimal outcomes, weigh your animal at the same time each day. This will help you achieve a more precise weight reading. You may get an inaccurate weight reading if you weigh your animal at various times of the day. This might lead to poor management judgments as a result of incorrect results. You don’t want to make this mistake.

4. Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Following the manufacturer’s instructions when using a livestock scale is essential. It would be best if you also kept the scale clean and free of debris. Doing this will help to maintain the accuracy of the weight readings. Additionally, you should check the scale regularly for any damage that might have occurred.

5. Take Your Time

Having patience is critical when weighing your animal. Do not rush the process, as this might lead to incorrect results. Weighing your animal should be done in a calm and relaxed manner to minimize any movement that might occur, resulting in an inaccurate weight reading.

6. Use the Scale Properly

It is vital to use the scale properly if you want to get an accurate weight reading. Make sure that you place the animal in the center of the platform. This will help to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. Once the animal is in place, wait for the scale to stabilize before taking a reading.


These tips you need to follow if you want to use a livestock scale in Utah properly. Following these tips will help you to get an accurate weight reading and will enable you to make better management decisions for your animal. Contact Rockwell Scales if you need assistance in selecting the correct livestock scale for your needs. We can help you find a scale that is durable and accurate.

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