How To Get the Most Accurate Readings From Your Livestock Scale in Montana

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If you are wondering how to get accurate livestock scale reading, there are several tips you can follow. You may face many challenges in an attempt to measure your cattle. Maybe your cattle are nervous or stressed when trying to weigh them. Or perhaps, your horses move around too much, which leaves you with inaccurate readings. This guide will provide you with several different ways you can correctly measure your animals.

Tips for Accurately Measuring Your Livestock

Here are some tips for getting most accurate livestock scale reading.

Choose a Good Livestock Scale

You can’t just choose any scale and expect to receive accurate readings. The first thing you must do is choose the right livestock scale depending on your needs. For example, what type of livestock do you have? What location do you reside in? You must also determine your weight goals, usage, and management when deciding on the right livestock scale.

Livestock scales can be purchased as portable or permanent. Permanent scales are more reliable and hefty. However, you must be able to move your livestock to the scale to weigh them. Portable scales are perfect for weighing your animals in various locations. Portable scales can be easily transported to different areas.

Another option is an electronic scale. Electronic scales should only be placed in dry environments and near a reliable power outlet.

Use Stable Surface

When weighing your livestock, you always want to ensure that the surface you use is stable and firm. Hog and cattle scales can only deliver accurate readings when placed on a firm surface. Without a stable surface, your scale may shift easily, which can cause incorrect readings. This can also harm your animals as they maneuver in and out of the equipment.

Check for Obstructions

Obstructions, if they get in the way, can result in incorrect readings. You must frequently check the scale for any such obstructions, including sticks, rocks, manure, and other debris. These things should be kept out of the way to ensure you receive correct readings.

Also, load cells can get in the way. Load cells are located under the weighing platform. Always ensure that the cables coming from the load cells are not tangled or twisted. This can also have an impact on the readings.

Reduce Stress

When animals are weighed, they often feel anxious or stressed. Constantly moving your livestock to different locations can cause weight loss or shrinking. The best recommendation is to use portable scales to reduce shrinking and to obtain accurate readings.

Another option to reduce stress on your animals is to work more efficiently. You can try keeping a table nearby full of your equipment and tools to deliver effective results. This also reduces the time your livestock will need to stand on the scale.

Perform Scale Adjustments

Even if your scale is installed and cleaned frequently, you will still need to have it calibrated often. Cattle scales must be properly maintained. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the instructions listed by the scale’s manufacturer. However, you can plan on calibrating once a month.

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