5 Benefits Of Owning A Truck Scale In Utah

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Truck scales are an important part of many commercial businesses as they are used for weighing inventory, ensuring safety and compliance, and evaluating business efficiency. 

Higher Accuracy 

Truck scales are a staple in many businesses that require weighing. They are used for everything from determining the profitability of items sold by weight to weighing heavy materials such as concrete or steel. 

When it comes to weighing accuracy, most truck scales are certified by regulatory agencies. This is great for compliance, but the accuracy tolerances set forth by these agencies don’t take into account small weighing errors. If your weighing accuracy is off by even a fraction of a pound, you could be giving away loads of product to customers. This is why a truck scale that has been calibrated to the highest accuracy level can save your business thousands of dollars over time. 

Portable & Convenient 

A portable truck scale is a great option for businesses that need to be moved from one location to another as they are easy to transport and are less expensive than permanent scales. Their other benefits include: 

  • Easy to clean  
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Capable of weighing heavy loads 
  • Made to last 
  • Flexible in functions 

Safer Operations 

Simply, truck scales can help reduce the risk of accidents caused by heavy trucks by keeping the safe trucks on the road and the hazardous ones off of it. 


Truck scales can be customized to suit a variety of weighing needs. For example, some companies may require a bidirectional weighing system to accommodate the heavy traffic in and out of their facilities. Other businesses may want to integrate process control devices such as photo sensors and induction loops into their weighing systems. These features can help streamline truck weighing processes and improve the efficiency of the weigh yard. 

Saves you Money 

Small mistakes like weight errors can lead to a huge amount of loss if not corrected quickly. And similarly, if your truck scale isn’t well-maintained, you could lose out on even more money. The best way to ensure your truck scale stays in tip-top shape is to enroll in a maintenance program.  

A typical maintenance program allows for daily, monthly, and weekly inspections of your scales to keep them in great working condition. A regular clean can also help prolong the life of your truck scale and prevent unnecessary repairs. Debris such as dirt and ice can accumulate over time and cause the load cells to be off by hundreds of pounds after all. 

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